4 Common Warning Signals of a Vehicle Soon to Break Down!

Vehicle drivers may not be as skilled as car professionals like mechanics, yet they can quickly learn to identify some of the common signs their vehicles may give before seizing up. With a little observation and proficiency, car drivers can soon pick up a few subtle signs of a possible breakdown and conveniently perform basic checks if the need arises throughout their car journey.

If you frequently use your car for traveling, especially long distances, you need to be equipped with two things. First, get the hang of some potential car troubles you may confront during car rides. Second, have additional car insurance to cover your vehicle for accidents, ensuing legal liabilities, and much more.

Comprehensive car insurance is the best car insurance available in current times. It provides your vehicle with broader coverage compared to other policies like Third party property damage and Third-party fire and theft. Research online, request quotes from various vehicle insurers, and purchase a policy that suits your vehicle needs and budget.

Have an insurance backup but know about some of the most likely warning signs your vehicle may show when it is about to break down.


Brakes naturally wear out with time. If you notice anything weird happening to your car brakes, then take a moment off the road to get them checked. For instance, if the brakes emanate a burning plastic smell, they may have reached expiry. Get the car’s brakes fixed once you discover a significant reduction in your vehicle’s braking power.


Deteriorating tires can pose dual risks on roads. First, the reduced grip of the tires on the road surface may raise the driving risks making it difficult for you to circumvent obstacles and avoid collisions. Second, an aging tire can burst when it rolls over sharp stones/objects or potholes.

Before heading out for a long drive, it would be best if you visited a car technician to get the air pressure checked. Also, consider replacing old tires now, so they don’t interrupt your travel later.


A bit of condensation from the AC is normal. However, if you observe pools of liquid under your vehicle, it could be a matter of concern. Many critical vehicle parts like engine, fuel, and cooling systems depend on the fluid circuits. It is, therefore, necessary to get any leakages fixed asap to prevent major car issues. Consult an expert mechanic before the problem aggravates and burns a hole in your pocket.

4.Warning lights

Know what the warning lights on your dashboard are trying to tell you. While some essential lights are flashing, you may easily miss the vital ones. For instance, vehicle drivers can be attentive to fuel warnings; something like an engine warning signal that may rarely occur can go unnoticed. It would be best if you went through the vehicle’s manual for information on serious warning signs so you will know when to act.

Sometimes, even with the best prep, a car can dwindle. When you can’t resolve a vehicle issue, seek the nearest professional’s assistance. Also, remember, whether your vehicle is well maintained or not, you need the best car insurance to have financial cover for your car for a range of events that can cause damage to it. By far, comprehensive car insurance can provide your vehicle with wider coverage. So, purchase a policy and save on your expenditure during accidents, fire, theft, and extreme weather events.

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