5 Best Dry Sweets To Send Your Brother Abroad Or Within The Country

Raksha Bandhan is coming soon, and every brother and sister is waiting to celebrate it from the heart of the core. There is also confusion among the sisters about how they can send rakhi sweets to their loving brothers if their brother is living abroad or in a different state or city of the country. And the worry is obvious because most of the sweets spoil quickly and can’t be parceled.

So here we will discuss some special dry sweets which you can buy and send to your brother wherever he is living, abroad or within the country. These sweets won’t spoil quickly and maintain their freshness for a long time.

Why are sweets important in Raksha Bandhan?

It is a tradition that after tying a rakhi, sisters sweeten their brother’s mouths by feeding them sweets and desserts. Also, there is a ritual in Raksha Bandhan that both brother and sister remain on fast till tying Rakhi. After such activity, siblings break the fasting by feeding sweets eachother. That’s why sweets are very important in Raksha Bandhan.

So it’s important to give sweets to your brother in Raksha Bandhan. Let’s discuss the best dry sweets which you should buy or prepare at home if your brother is living away from your hometown.

1] Besan ladoo

Besan ladoo is the most popular and delicious Indian sweet ever, and it also could be the best Raksha Bandhan sweet. It is the best and most delicious sweet you can buy from any sweet shop or prepare it at home easily. Besan ladoo is in dry form, so you can easily store it for a maximum of 15 to 20 days. Let’s prepare a rakhi box for your loving brother with some Besan ladoo and a fancy rakhi with some roli and chawal and send it to him.

How to prepare Besan ladoo?

The preparation of Besan ladoo is very easy, so you can try to make it in your home, and it will not take much time. For its preparation, you have to take two cups of gram flour, half a cup of ghee, one cup of sugar, cardamoms, and some dry fruits.

Take a pan and put some ghee into it; after the ghee is heated, add the gram flour into it and stir it for a while until the rawness of gram flour goes away.

When the gram flour changes its color from yellow to a golden brown, then you have to add the sugar.

After caramelizing the sugar, you have to add some cardamoms and then add some dry fruits into it.

Stir it for a while and take it out from the pan to cool. After cooling, apply some ghee to your palm and make small balls from the dough.

And for garnishing, you can use green pistachio above it and leave it for the night over until the besan ladoo is ready.

2] Soan papdi

Soan papdi is also a very appetizing sweet in India which is dry in form and easily can store for one month. It could also be the best dry sweet to send to your brother. Soan Papdi is easily available in the market, so you can buy it from any sweet shop or online store.

Try this beautiful and delicious sweet for your brother, Raksha Bandhan; your brother will really love it.

3] Peda

Peda is also the best option to send your brother on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, so you can try this delicious and mouth-watering sweet. It is available in almost every sweet shop so you can go and buy it there or if you want to prepare it at home, then it is also very simple to prepare.

How to prepare peda at home?

To prepare peda, you have to take some ingredients like two liters of milk, two fifty grams of sugar, one tablespoon of ghee, and some green pistachios for topping.

You have to take a bowl and heat it. After heating the bowl, pour the whole milk into the bowl and add the sugar into it.

Keep stirring the milk till all its water gets dried up, and it will not convert into a solid form.

Take it out for cooling, and after cooling, apply some ghee to your palm and make it into small balls and then press it.

Garnish with some green pistachio, and your Peda will be ready.

4] Milk cake

Milk cake is also a good option which you can choose to send your brother, and it can be stored for 5 to 7 days. The aroma and the taste of this sweet are awesome, and everyone loves to eat this. You can buy this comfit from the sweet shop which is available near to you and pack it with love for your sweet brother. It is sure that your loving brother will love this delicacy sweet very much.

5] Barfi

Barfi is the special sweet of Raksha Bandhan; mainly, people buy this sweet during Raksha Bandhan. It is also good to choose a dry sweet that you want to send your brother; you can store it for a maximum of 10 to 15 days. You can buy it from an online sweets website or your nearby sweet shop. Barfi is available in different varieties like badam barfi, Kaju Barfi, mawa barfi, etc., so you can choose which your brother likes most.


We have discussed five special dry sweets which you can choose to send to your brother who is living abroad or in another city. So, choose a rakhi with sweets and send it to your brother. He will really love your surprise, sweet. You can also choose petha for him, which is also good and deliciously sweet.

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