Are Paper Business Cards Okay?

Professional printers hold business cards to a higher standard. They do this to create a lasting first impression. However, choosing the right paper type is not always easy. Consider your purpose, impression, and budget when choosing a card material. Here are some tips for a high-quality, paper-based card:

Finish: There are a variety of finishes available for business cards. Matte, glossy, or dull finishes all have their benefits. Each provides a different feel and look. Matte and glossy finishes are the most common, but choose the one that best matches your style and budget. You should choose a glossy finish, however, if you’re concerned about durability. Uncoated cards also have a more rustic, classy look.

Make sure to include photos on your card. Putting a photo on your business card will help it stand out from the crowd. However, the photo must relate to your business. It can be of you or the business itself, or it can even be a symbol of it. It’s important to choose a photo that’s enticing and will help draw a person’s eye to your card. Another common mistake in creating a business card is to use cheap paper. People often judge businesses by their business card, and a low-quality card could suggest cheap or inferior quality products and services.

Paper cards also take up a lot of space in your wallet, bag, or briefcase. The amount of space they take up in your wallet, bag, or briefcase is not ideal. They also can become overloaded with a stack of business cards and end up sitting forgotten in your bag. That’s when an electronic version may be better. This will save you money and space while at the same time make your business card more convenient.

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