Autochartist Integration with ctrader Guide

Introduction to Autochartist

Autochartist is a leading technical analysis service provider. The company offers a variety of services for a variety of investment firms. Basically, a company analyzes multiple markets to look for patterns that may indicate sales opportunities or information. The Autochartist service is tracking markets around the world at all times. Coverage includes forex, crypto, metals, energy products, indices, stocks from various exchanges, futures and perhaps even more.

Recently, Autochartist has been integrated with cTrader brokers on the Web and Mobile versions of the platform. Perhaps, the Desktop is coming soon. This integration was part of a larger project undertaken by Spotware, where the firm continued a content integration spree to deliver as much information as possible on the platform.

In this guide, we explore how you can use Autochartist to integrate with ctrader and what potential benefits it can offer you.

What does an Autochartist do?

The Autochartist service looks at a wide range of popular chart patterns to detect changes in the market. These patterns include support and resistance levels, Fibonacci patterns and other patterns like triangles, Head and Shoulders, Channels and many more.

Due to the large coverage, Autochartist is a good time saver for both trading firms, investment advisors, traders and the average trader like you and me. As a trader, you don’t have to analyze countless indicators and time frames to find what you want. Patterns. But you can choose Autochartist to show you patterns that can inspire you with trading strategies.

Introduction to ctrader Integration with Autochartist

In recent months, ctrader has been on the cusp of internal integration. Other popular content providers drawn to the platform include economic calendar data from FX Street and rival technology analysis company Trading Central. You may wonder why ctrader would partner with two leading technology research companies. Fortunately, ctrader has taken a different approach to integrating each company and Autochartist has become an integral part of the ctrader platform.

How to find Autochartist

Autochartist sells its service to traders. Because of this, your broker will need to be registered for the services in order to pass the access to the customers. Many merchants offer this as an incentive for merchants to sign up and trade with them.

Ctrader Brokers Offers Autochartist

Sign up with these brokers to start using Autochartist technology to analyze information

  • IC Markets
  • Pepperstone
  • Roboforex
  • Axiory
  • Purple Trading

How to use Autochartist in ctrader

Providing you are trading with one of the aforementioned brokers that already offer both ctrader and Autochartist, then you should be able to access the services easily. Ctrader took a unique approach, by natively integrating Autochartist data within the ctrader application. 

These guidelines have made information easily accessible and usable by marketers. Being overwhelmed with personal applications and tools is a common issue in today’s society.

Autochartist on Trader Web

In the online version of ctrader, you can find a list of patterns visible in the “Active Symbols Panel” in a tab called “Autochartist”. Following the concept of the Active Symbol Panel tool, the list is filtered to display samples from the currently selected symbol. 

You can filter your active indicator results to select the type of patterns you want to record. Model type is the only filter option available. Several filters can be created in the Autochartist web application. This means that you will be aware of real events.

To get more information about a particular pattern, you just need to right-click once to open a frame with more information. This frame shows important information to help determine whether or not to act on this idea.

In this dialogue, you can see the name of the pattern, the period of the chart, when the pattern appeared, the quality of the signal, the direction it is expected to move in and more. As well as viewing information, other actions can also be performed. 

You can set the position by setting the volume and pressing the corresponding button. Also, you can easily open this indicator chart to find additional confirmation based on this pattern.

Autochartist on Trader Mobile

On the ctrader mobile app, you can find a section called “Technical Analysis by Autochartist” on the indicator page. This section shows all the patterns of the selected symbol. There is usually more than one recognized pattern, so you can scroll through them using the left and right arrows.

How to use Autochartist

To use this tool, some background knowledge of technical analysis is required. Following trading advice based on blind faith would not be a wise decision. The best way to use Autochartist is to be notified of specific patterns as they emerge. Some traders can spend hours watching multiple signals in multiple time frames watching and waiting. Autochartist removes that burden.

Apart from supporting your trading decisions Autochartist can be invaluable for learning to trade and gaining a practical understanding of how charts work.

Autochartist Information

As well as identifying patterns, Autochartist provides measurements and other important information to accompany each pattern. 

The information provided varies depending on the type of pattern, but generally, the information depends on the quality and length. Quality is on a 1 out of 10 scale, with 10 being the highest. The length of the pattern is the number of candles in the pattern, usually, the longer it is, the more detailed the pattern is.

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