Beauty Tips For Indian Women

A lot of women in India scoff at new cosmetic concoctions and use only home-made or locally-sourced ingredients to enhance their looks. However, with modern lifestyles and routines, beauty needs are evolving too. Although most of us opt for natural ingredients, there are some conventional ingredients that are effective in boosting our natural beauty. Here are some of them. Listed below are some of the most effective beauty tips for Indian women.

A traditional beauty tip in India is to apply kajal on your eyes. You can purchase kohl pencils or kajal at a local store. You can also smudge your regular liner to create the same effect. You can also wear a simple eye makeup with a bright lipstick. But if you want to go all-out and create drama, Indians are known for their bold makeup and dramatic makeup.

Using besan, an ancient Indian skin care secret, is another effective beauty trick. Often included in beauty products, this plant is a natural way to maintain a glowing complexion. Mixing besan with honey creates a thick paste that can be applied to the face. This paste is a great fair face pack and is also known to darken grey hair. If you have a tan, try adding some besan to the paste. This will help keep the skin moist and prevent greying.

Coconut oil is another beauty tip for Indians that is often overlooked. Not only is it rich in nutrients, but it also feels soft on the skin. Coconut oil can also be applied to the scalp, leaving it on for about three hours twice a week. This will help create shiny, healthy hair. You can even add amla to it for extra benefit. Apply coconut oil to the scalp and hair roots twice a week, and then wash it off with your regular shampoo.

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