Business Formal Dress Code in India

For women in a business setting, Indian traditional attire such as saris and salwar kameez has seen a transformation in recent years. While traditional Indian attire such as saris or salwar kameez is still acceptable in business settings, modern women will typically wear pant suits or blouse and skirt combinations. Women can still opt for traditional Indian clothing, such as saris, when they are meeting business partners in informal settings.

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Indian businesspeople often use email to arrange appointments, and Indians typically address people by their family name. While this style of addressing individuals is more traditional, it still has a cultural and religious undertone. Indian names are composed of the family name and the given name, and include implications of religion and class. Initially, “Mr.” or “Ms.” is used to address people, but formality decreases after contact is established.

The dress code is nearly the same in most countries. For men, the dress code typically consists of a dark suit and matching pants. Often, the tie is a matching color. Similarly, black suits are appropriate with a light-colored button-down shirt. Black tie and shoes should be clear-lined. If the suit is a three-piece design, the vest should match the jacket and its material. It is also acceptable to wear light-colored accessories, such as jewelry and cufflinks.

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