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ChickenWater what color depending on external characteristics such as coat color, legs. This is also a method of selecting fighting cocks based on feng shui to choose the cocks with good fighting ability. Together Nhà cái 789BET Learn more about the war cock’s water network in the article below.

The current popular colors of the rooster network need to be understood

Before learning What color is the rooster? Then you need to know the common colors of the stone network below.

The current popular colors of the rooster network need to be understood

  • Metallic cocks are those with yellow or white feathers, but chickens with similar leg color will increase their Metallic character. The representative of Kim’s fighting chicken is banana chicken.
  • Moc cocks are gray feathered chickens, famously represented by Gray God and Gray Messi.
  • Rooster fighting Thuy is nThe fighting cocks have a wet umbrella color, shiny feathers and the most famous representative of this network is the cockroach white-legged chicken.
  • Fire chickens are fighting cocks with prominent red feathers, represented by cashew chickens and burgundy chickens.
  • The ground fighting chicken has the representative feather colors of brown and brown. To avoid confusion between red and brown, look at the chicken’s feet to determine, but the color of the Earth net is rarely used in competition.

Basically, there will be 5 fighting cocks corresponding to the five elements as above, in addition, there is another type of chicken with five colors, which means that there are 5 colors of feathers on the body.

Find out in detail what color rooster?

After giving an overview of the popular chicken networks according to the above five elements, perhaps you also have a brief understanding of What color is the rooster? However, to better understand, these are chickens with black or umbrella-colored feathers, also known as blue.

Details about what color rooster

Water blue is the main color of par Thuy, but the fighting cocks do not have this color feathers. Therefore, the chicken lines with black feathers, blue, white, yellow or lead umbrella and legs will be pure destiny. This is a common color in intelligent, healthy cocks.

 What color is the rooster? will include: Green chicken, black banana, black sesame owl, umbrella, green stick. After determining what network your rooster belongs to, then combine to see the color of the cock’s network by the hour to let the cock go to the competition to improve the chances of winning.

Notes when seeing what color rooster is today

Clearly understand What color is the rooster?  In the process of watching the chicken network, you also need to note the following important factors before sending the chicken to the competition to win.

Birth engraving of feather color

The birth of feather color is a concept in folklore, in which each color of the chicken’s feathers will have similarities or contrast with other feather colors. For example, the color of the bird’s feathers will be perceived as being incompatible with the umbrella and should be difficult to win amolife.

Meanwhile, the color of the golden eagle’s feathers has a correlation with the cashew and umbrella, so it will win, otherwise, it can lose to the swallow and gray. Grasp What color is the rooster? to see if the rival chickens are compatible or incompatible. If mutual, the probability of winning is high, conversely, if the opponent’s feather color is opposite, consider other factors before sending the chicken to battle.


View network color by hour

In addition to determining the color of the network, it is necessary to combine more time in the battle to increase the chances of winning for the cock. Specifically, the chicken networks will have the following match times:

Watch Time Ocean Hour Network
Rat 23h-1h Water
Ox 1h-3h Turkey
Gradually 3h-5h Wood
Tips 5h-7h Wood
Dragon 7h – 9h Turkey
Snake 9h – 11h Fire
Horse 11h – 13h Fire
Odor 13h – 15h Turkey
Close 15h – 17h Kim
Rooster 17h – 19h Kim
Dogs 19h – 21h Turkey
Pig 21h-23h Water

Based on mIs the cock fighting accurate or not?

Based on What color is the rooster? Letting the cock go to battle does not completely decide the winner or loser. This is only based on spirituality to contribute to the good luck of the roosters to increase their chances of winning. Before watching what color cockfight today, it is necessary to prepare physically and mentally for the cock. At the same time, give the rooster to eat enough quality food, rest and exercise properly to be healthy to participate in the competition.

See what color water rooster is correct

Although 789BET does not encourage players to rely on the color of the roost, please consider it as a reference. The most important thing for a cock to win is health, skill and fighting experience. Make sure the chicken has a good health and spirit of steel when on the floor. Even if it’s the chicken’s lucky day, even if they get sick, it’s hard to win.

Here are the details for you to grasp What color is the rooster?  and notes when watching chicken network. Hopefully the article provides useful knowledge to help you choose good fighting cocks and increase your odds of winning.

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