Do Plants Grow Faster in a Grow Tent?

When deciding whether to use a grow tent, there are a couple of factors to consider. These include the level of CO2, the Reflective silver walls, and the amount of fans or heat filter. The type of tent you choose will also influence the yield of your plants.

Reflective silver walls

A reflective surface on a grow tent’s walls increases light penetration, which is crucial for maximizing growth. A silver mylar wall or a matt white surface will reflect light off the walls and down to the plant canopy. This makes the light more directional, enabling the plants to receive more light in all directions.

CO2 levels

CO2 levels in a grow tent can be controlled by venting the tent. CO2 levels can be monitored using meters (like the LTL Co2 Air Controller). You’ll also need fans and ducting to ensure proper ventilation. Some growers use duct fans, and others install in-line CO2 fans that plug into the ducting.

Heat filter

Using a heat filter in a grow tent will help your plants grow faster by lowering the humidity inside the room. You can use a carbon filter if you have one or use one without. You can mount a fan on the tent wall to force air through. This method is not ideal, though. You can also place a carbon filter outside the tent.


A grow tent with ventilation can help plants grow faster. The air circulation allows your plants to pull up water and nutrients through their roots. Air circulation also helps keep pests and diseases at bay. Mold, mildew, and other diseases thrive in stagnant, humid environments. They lay their eggs in damp topsoil, and a steady breeze can prevent these organisms from establishing themselves on your plants.

Neem oil

Neem oil is one of the most popular grow tent additives. But there are some things to keep in mind when using this herb. You should keep in mind that using too much can burn your plants, especially when the sun rises. To avoid this, you should avoid using neem oil on sun-sensitive plants.

Environmental controllers

Environmental controllers allow you to control the temperature and humidity in a grow tent. These controllers measure the temperature and humidity of the air and soil in the grow room and can be programmed to adjust according to the day or night. The controllers can also control the ventilation to ensure the ideal grow room temperature. You can choose to use an all-in-one environmental controller or purchase separate sensors that monitor other variables.

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