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Guide for maintenance and care of wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is always the go-to for every space due to its versatile nature. Though such type of furniture is visually attractive, its maintenance and care are no cakewalk. To make the wooden furniture of your space look evergreen, it is essential to take proper care of it. Different wooden furniture serves different purposes however the one thing common about all of them is that they require the same maintenance efforts. It is vital to prevent wooden furniture from external damage as they are usually bought at a pretty good amount. Having a good understanding of how to maintain wooden furniture will increase its durability and make the initial investment worthwhile. For your aid, here are a few tips that will enable you to take good care of wooden furniture.

Ensure regular dusting– Be it home furniture or office furniture if it’s made of wood, it requires daily dusting. If you avoid dusting wooden furniture for long durations then the formation of dust particles would lead to scratches. Ensure to use a soft cotton cloth or a microfiber towel to clean the wooden furniture as this reduces the risk of damage while cleaning. If the furniture is too dirty you can use warm water and soap however make sure to dry up the furniture as moisture will lead to damage.

Save the furniture from extreme exposure to sunlight- Wooden finish is highly affected by sunlight as it results in discoloration. To avoid the tone of wooden furniture looking uneven avoid exposing it to sunlight. Added to sunlight, high-intensity lights are also a risk to your wooden furniture. To protect your furniture, ensure that your home has high-quality curtains. Keep the furniture in dim light when not in use and smartly decide the furniture placements.

Protect from extreme humidity- Wooden furniture is a big No when it comes to humid places. The proportion of wooden furniture changes due to the absorption of moisture present in the surrounding. To prevent this, you must install a humidifier in your home and ensure proper ventilation. A quick hack is to use camphor or naphthalene balls as these are great moisture absorbents. Try checking out Simplywud furniture as it has amazing features that ensure prevention from such damages.

Perform frequent waxing and oiling– A simple way to simply spruce up the wooden furniture is to renew its polishing. Frequent waxing and oiling are the best way to retain the rawness of wooden furniture and repair the damages. However, hire a professional or ensure going through the required knowledge to polish furniture to minimize any damages caused in the process. You can easily find tutorials for polishing furniture online.

Ensure removal of stubborn stains– If you leave stains on wooden furniture for a long, it will further lead to irreparable damages. Soon as you spot a stain, get the removal work started! Some of the easy home-based tricks to remove stains are the usage of vinegar to remove intense marks or the mixture of toothpaste and baking soda to get rid of white rings. You can also prefer stain removers for wooden furniture that are available in the market at negligible prices.

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