Guide on World Cup odds 2022 

Here are some of the most typical queries about the odds for the 2022 World Cup from bookmakers:

Who has odds on winning the World Cup in Qatar?

Brazil is the front-runner to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Due to its lineup, which includes young players as well as stars like Neymar Junior and Casemiro, the team has lower odds on various betting sites.

Brazil has additionally consistently performed well during the World Cup. Brazil is one of the teams that has a good chance of winning the competition because it has typically made it to the Semifinals. Brazil is the favorite because of these factors as well as the fact that they have won the World Cup five times.

What Are the Chances That England Won the World Cup in 2022?

England has a 6/1 chance of winning the 2022 World Cup championship. Nevertheless, the costs might be a little different depending on your sportsbook. Following Brazil (9/2 odds) and the two-time defending Bursa Taruhan Bola Piala Dunia 2022 champions, France (11/2 odds), England is the third favorite.

You can check Oddspedia for better odds on England. An elite group of athletes, led by Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling, will represent England. The 1966 World Cup victory by the Three Lions is the only World Cup title currently held by any team.

What Does 11/2 Mean in the Odds?

The odds sizes indicate how much money you’ll probably win if you put in a successful wager. For instance, the 11/2 odds indicate that you will get back £11 for every £2 you bet. It is clear from the calculation that 11/2 is a reasonably good set of odds if you end up winning the wager.

Are wagers available on which FIFA Confederation will win the 2022 World Cup?

There are no World Cup wagers available right now on which FIFA confederation will prevail in 2022. FIFA has six confederations. These include UEFA, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, AFC for Asia, CAF for Africa, OFC, and CONCACAF. The national teams who will participate in the World Cup are members of each confederation. 

You must total up the points each club in the confederation has earned in order to determine which FIFA confederation will prevail in 2022. The FIFA Confederations Cup pitted the best teams from each confederation against one another until 2019.

What are the Chances of an African Football Confederation (CAF) Team Winning the World Cup?

A team from the Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF) has an 80/1 chance of winning the World Cup. Senegal, one of the top teams in the CAF, can use these odds. Senegal, which ranks in the same spot as Switzerland as the 13th most likely team to win the World Cup, is the number one CAF favorite team. If you want to get better deals, you may compare the odds and even validate the costs on Oddspedia.

Which Odds Format is Most Commonly Used to Bet on the World Cup Finals?

Decimal odds are the most often used odds system for World Cup wagering. Many nations, including the majority, if not all, African nations, utilize this odds type.

The popularity of the odds type, however, may vary by location. For instance, the fractional odds format is more common in the UK than the American odds format in the US and other comparable nations. When you choose a bookmaker, the company will provide you with odds that are appropriate for your area.

What are the World Cup’s biggest outside chances of winning?

The biggest outside chances to win the World Cup are 750/1. Iran, Costa Rica, and Saudi Arabia may all purchase at this price. You could, however, get different offers from other sportsbooks. 

Use the Oddspedia odds comparison tool to get the best odds possible. You may find odds from more than 230 sportsbooks using this website. The only thing you have to do is go through the markets to determine which ones have the best odds in the business.

Who has the best chance of winning the Golden Boot?

Harry Kane of England is the betting favorite to take home the Golden Boot in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Kane now has 7/1 odds on several sports betting websites. Frenchmen Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbape are next with odds of 9/1 and 12/1, respectively.

If you wish to compare the costs provided by various sportsbooks, feel free to look at the odds comparison tables on Oddspedia. Additionally good, Oddspedia will notify you of any price drops.

What is the most popular wager for the World Cup in football?

The outright wager is the market with the highest interest in the World Cup of Football. You must choose the team that will win the whole tournament to place an outright wager. These markets are well-known because they have high odds, particularly when compared to other betting possibilities.


In addition, the majority of football supporters have a team they are prepared to back. Observe that outright wagers are distinct from match-winner wagers. The latter suggests that the side has a good chance of winning a certain World Cup game.

Best World Cup Odds: Which Bookmaker Should I Use?

Make sure you are using the correct bookmaker before thinking about putting FIFA World Cup wagers. The Copa America championship game is subject to the same rules for betting. Choose a bookmaker that is authorized by a reliable regulatory organization, such as the UK Gambling Commission.

Make sure the bookmaker you choose also forbids gambling by minors and offers enticing incentives that you may utilize to settle bets. Check out the Oddspedia website if you want to make choosing a betting partner simple. We offer evaluations of several trustworthy betting websites. Consider the following bookies, among others:

Oddspedia WC Betting Resources

Placing World Cup wagers might be difficult, and it will be harder if you don’t have the necessary gambling resources. Oddspedia works around the clock to provide players with the tools they need to increase the return on their wagering.

WC Odds Evaluation

It is essential to compare World Cup odds if you want to get access to the greatest deals. Thanks to Oddspedia, you can simply get the best odds for certain matches by comparing thousands of odds from more than 230 online bookmakers.

The website for odds comparison is updated often. Your sole responsibility will be to look for the World Cup game you are interested in, such as those involving Poland or South Korea, and then compare the odds.

“Safe Bets”

Sure bets is a special feature that Oddspedia provides to devoted sports bettors. The program generates results for players that ensure victory regardless of the outcome of the game using a unique mathematical formula. The tool will alert you when to make numerous wagers on the same World Cup game in order to win money. This is often referred to as arbitrage betting or arbing.

Declining odds

The dramatic decline in odds while putting FIFA World Cup wagers is one of the most frequent events, particularly as the competition draws closer. With the help of Oddspedia’s falling odds tool, you can track the movement of the odds and identify fantastic betting possibilities.

The application also enables you to locate bookies that have not yet adjusted odds in accordance with recent patterns. You may decide when to refresh the page and see updated odds on the dropping odds page.

Price Bets

The value bet finder on Oddspedia is a tool that gives you access to some of the greatest odds available. You have access to odds that are far more useful than they seem thanks to the resource. This enables you to increase your chances of enjoying better wins when placing World Cup bets. When putting live and pre-match bets, finding value bets is crucial.

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