How Do You Dress For Business Casual in London?

If you’re wondering, “How do you dress for business casual in London?” then you’re not alone. The style of business casual dress in London is not very different from that of the US. Instead of a traditional tie and shirt, think about a polo neck jumper. You’ll look equally good in a boardroom or a restaurant. You can even opt for casual sneakers to keep up the casual look.


For men, you can dress casually during the spring, when the weather is milder. You can wear a nice sweater with a shirt underneath, as well as a pair of fitted pants. You can even shed your sweater if you’re heading to a pub. Spring and fall are perfect times for layering, with shorts, sweatshirts, and even sweaters. But be sure not to wear too much – the sun can be quite strong in London!

While Western Europeans dress more formally, Americans can wear jeans while in the UK. Try to stay away from acid-washed or heavily distressed jeans if you’re going to work in London. Instead, opt for dark blue or black skinny jeans. While leggings aren’t a good idea in London, they can be worn with long tunics during spring or under dresses and skirts in the winter.

Business casual is a style that you should wear if you want to be in the spotlight. Women who wear suits will probably have an easier time dressing this way than men, but there’s no need to shy away from your classic business attire. Wear a tailored pants suit, or a poplin top and pencil skirt, and avoid wearing flashy jewellery. If you’re a woman, keep your makeup simple and keep your accessories simple and understated.


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