How Expensive Is It to Travel to Seattle

Living in Seattle is expensive compared to other American cities. On average, you will need about $6,500 to live comfortably in Seattle for a month. You will spend most of this money on housing. In second place is food. Next – entertainment, car rental and education. However, Seattle is inferior in terms of living standards to cities such as Honolulu and San Diego. Life in those cities is much higher.

If you are going on a trip to Seattle, we would like to give you a recommendation right away on how you can save money on car rental. You just need to contact van rental Seattle Washington, where informed managers will help you choose the most suitable option for you. Car rental prices may vary by region, but you will experience a comfortable ride.

Renting an Accommodation in Seattle

Probably Seattle is one of the quietest cities in America. There are many parks with wildlife, a relaxed lifestyle and a unique American urban culture. Seattle serves as one of America’s most up-and-coming cities, offering a huge range of job opportunities. You can launch the career ladder right here by getting work experience in an IT company or a restaurant.

This city attracts many students with its great opportunities. But, they are often faced with choosing the right accommodation. Housing prices per month in Seattle are completely different. This can be as high as $1,000 per month for a one-room apartment per month, or as much as $10,000! Nowadays, the price of rental housing in Seattle has dropped significantly due to the pandemic. Here, prices for rental housing are much lower than, for example, in New York.

We recommend that you monitor housing prices and book the desired apartment in advance so as not to run into problems. Our top tip: don’t delay!

Renting a Car in Seattle

Van rental in Seattle is a very popular service for tourists in this city. Here, everyone can find the most suitable car for an adequate fee. You can rent any type of transport for your trip: van, hetch-back, jeep, etc.

Cheap car rental includes various services. Packages of car rental services can be different. This can be both a standard package and a luxury package. You will be sure to provide the necessary insurance, offer additional features and bonuses to your purchase. As a rule, the average car rental price in Seattle reaches $43.

This city has solved the problem with Seattle parking, so you don’t have to worry about where your car is. Moreover, it is convenient that renting a car in Seattle is also very convenient. At almost every step you can find a rental point and get delighted.

Prices for Food in Seattle

Prices for food in Seattle are quite high in relation to other cities in the state of Washington. However, despite the high prices, here you can find different food: exotic vegetables, fruits, prepared food and much more.

Also, all products are always of very high quality. They go through a thorough inspection and only then get on store shelves. You will not be able to find expired products in Seattle stores, as they are disposed of after the expiration date and are not sold at a discount.

We inform you that there are a lot of grocery stores in the city. Lonely tourists do not have to go in search of food, because you can buy food at every step. This can be done both on the usual layouts on the street, and in large hypermarkets, which are difficult to get around even in a few hours! In other words, Seattle is a real paradise for a gastronomic lover, but not for those who want to save money on food.

Entertainment Prices in Seattle

The entertainment industry in the city of Seattle is not very developed. People here are accustomed to walking in the parks, enjoying nature and birdsong. However, you can eat for a nominal fee ($50) at the Seattle Water Park or Dino Park with your kids. Here you can also buy various souvenirs as a gift from this city or ice cream.

However, if you want to visit further away from Seattle, you will have to buy more expensive passes to visit other amusement parks. It will cost about $70 per person.

In Consequence…

Seattle is an expensive city. The most expensive here are rental housing and products. You can also rent a car, which will be an indispensable element for a trip to various parks or cafes. Another suggestion is to be hassle free by traveling bagless while you explore around the city. Choose to drop your bags at luggage storage Seattle and pick them once you are back.

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