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How to Get on a Celebrity’s Close Friend List on Instagram

If you want to add a celebrity to your list of close friends on Instagram, you can try to write a comment on their posts. But make sure you don’t overdo it. It can appear as though you’re desperate or obsessive. Instead, write something related to their posts and use their hashtags. This way, the celebrity will be aware of your interest in their work.

If you want to add a celebrity to your list of close friends, you need to be able to follow them on IG. Unlike other social networks, Instagram has a feature called Close Friends. This feature only shows up for people you follow, and they can’t see any other users’ stories. But you can choose to add a specific person if you want. You can do this in just a few simple steps.

Once you’re on a celebrity’s closed friends list, you can follow them in their bio. Follow their social media accounts. You can use their stories to engage them with your own content. Make sure to follow those who follow you back on Instagram. The more you follow them, the more they’ll likely like your content. If you want to follow a celebrity on IG, you should follow them in their bio, too.

The next step in becoming a celebrity’s Instagram close friend is to find the celebrity’s username. Once you’ve found the account, send a friend request. They’ll likely approve it and then follow you back. Then you can start engaging with them by commenting on their posts, or even direct messaging them. Then, you’ll have direct access to their Instagram page.

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