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How to Get TikTok Views

If you’re someone who’s starting new on TikTok, or someone who no matter what just can’t go viral, you can agree that getting views on your videos is one of the hardest jobs out there. TikTok is one of the leading social media platforms of this era and a commercial source of entertainment so it only makes sense that everyone wants in. However, only a few actually end up getting the better end of the algorithm and going viral. Hence, we are going to give you some tips and tricks to help you get your video right up there with the rest of the best ones.

Keep it Short and Interesting

When dealing with TikTok videos, most people just come to get a quick dose of entertainment. Making longer videos can often risk boring the audience as well as getting favored by the algorithm. Hence, always try to keep your videos crisp and short. Don’t take too much time getting to the climax of the video and try to keep it under one minute.

Use Trendy Audios

You’d often notice in TikTok almost every week there are a bunch of new trends and challenges associated with a specific audio. Keep a keen eye out for these new trends. Every single time you see a new challenge settling in, use the audio to make your own challenge video as well. However, try to do it as soon as possible before the trend dies out. TikTok will run it through its algorithm and if it gets a good response, it’ll start promoting it.

Use Hashtags

Just like with audios, videos with similar tags are assorted together and are often shown in the For You page of a person who has interests in those topics. Using popular hashtags may even put your video right up with the popular videos and may act as a source for further views. Furthermore, you can also order your TikTok views to kickstart your video and set it in the algorithm. Remember, more views, more chances of going viral.

Know Your Audience

Before creating content, specify your audience. Who do you want to target? Is it a fan base? Is it teenagers? Or is it people who just love cats? Once you’ve figured out your audience, try optimizing your videos to their interests and try formatting your videos according to the ones they love the most. That is going to increase your followers which can then serve as promising viewers for all of your future videos.

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