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How To Prevent House Burglaries While On Vacation

No one should have to worry about what’s going on at home during their vacation, from the moment you leave town you should totally disengage yourself from your everyday life and enjoy the days, but we understand that if you don’t have sufficient security systems you might be a little insecure about leaving your home alone for so long, but don’t worry, we are here for you, to guide you on what you can do to keep your property safe while you are away. 

Tips to prevent break-ins on vacation

Change your locks before you leave

Maybe it’s time to do what you should have done two years ago or more if you’ve never changed your locks. You see, they have a six-year lifespan, after that they are extremely easy to break into if you are experienced enough. So if yours is older than that, or even if it’s already starting to fail on a daily basis, it’s best that before you leave you make sure it won’t give you problems while you’re away. 

Install an armored or armored door.

It is not a metallic door like in the movies, but they are as safe as they are. They have inside a lot of locks to reinforce protection of your valuables and those you love, in this case, their job will be to prevent them from entering while you are away. You might be surprised to know that they are not as expensive as you might think, but they are definitely the saviors of many people who travel often.

Schedule a light switch

If your home is upgraded, an excellent option would be to schedule the lights to come on as you usually do when you’re home. The idea to avoid being burglarized is to simulate that there are still people in the house, if not you at least someone to “Go check”, and this effect can be achieved by giving natural movement to the house. You can even have a programmable device that turns on the TV a few times at a good volume to know that there are people inside lasenorita

Keep valuables safe and secure

If prevention doesn’t work, the best thing to do is to directly apply methods of safeguarding objects. Clearly you can’t keep your PC, but for example, if you hire a locksmith to install a safe you could hide jewelry, savings, important papers, and thus not lose the things of real value that tend to be very small ironically. 

Install an invisible lock

You didn’t know this existed? Well, yes! In addition to increasing the security on the outside, you can add an interior lock in case the main lock is somehow breached. This is opened remotely only by a person who has the original remote. So it’s perfect if you’re leaving and no one else is going to enter your home.

What are you waiting for to prioritize your home security? Don’t wait too long, and don’t delay your vacation either, enjoy feeling light on your feet.

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