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I’ve been following africa for a while now and this crop is insane. When the first harvests are released, I get obsessed. There’s so much to see, smell and feel about this crazy beast. But it’s also insanely expensive. So what I do is grab my camera, find some cheap rental properties and wait – until the next good harvest comes around again. This year, africa has surprised us all with its abundance of beautiful flowers, sweet fruits and nuts. It was even ranked as the best place to visit in Africa by CNN International: Great place to explore new places and eat great food

What’s next?

This is the first of two parts. In the first, I explore the history of the modern human race and its impact on the world environment. We’ll examine how humans have been an important source of energy and nutrients for the last 2.5 million years, and how they’ve been challenged and challenged again by the environment. We’ll also learn about the relationships between humans, the environment and other animals.

Africa is in good shape

The central issue facing all of us is to ensure that the planet remains safe and habitable for future generations. The future of our planet depends on it, and the future of our descendants is at stake. The African continent is incredibly resilient. It was once almost entirely covered by desert, and the forests and grasslands that once ran there are still there. There’s absolutely no sign of vegetation being grown up again. So, what’s next?

Look out for more sweet harvests

The next thing we’re going to look at is the sweet fruit and vegetables that are now highly available to every white person in Africa. This year, we’ve got the first fields of sweet potato, sweet banana and sweetcoconut to pick up the slack. These are all available from November. The rest of the crops are expected to come in in full bloom in December. We’re also likely to see some sweet labdanum and sassafras being grown in the forests again, but there’s no sign of those either.

Don’t forget to pack a camera

The final thing we’re going to look at is a combination of smartphone and camera. We’re going to be using the same smartphone that we use for social media and photo-shoots. It’s going to have a lot to offer in terms of image-capturing and photo-editing. It’s also going to be essential to have our phone with us when we’re outside in the woods or other strenuous areas. We’re going to be taking lots of pictures with this phone, of course, but they’re also going to need a lens that’s good enough to use.

Get down to business

This is the most important thing you can do in order to maximise the return on your investment in Africa – and in life. You can’t imagine the immense impact a changing climate has on an environment that changes so quickly. If we want to save the planet and our descendants’ future, then we’ve got to make sure that we are fully aware of the changes that are happening in the environment and are making informed choices about which actions we take.

Africa hotels: What to know before you book

– Is the hotel close to the border? If not, how far is it? In most cases, it should be about a day and a half’s drive.

– Is the hotel within walking distance of the border? In most cases, it should be about a day’s drive.

– Is the hotel within a 10-hour time period? In most cases, it should be about two and a half hours.

– Is the flight between cities or towns within a two-hour period? If not, then the hotel should be recommended.

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