Riding a Dirt Bike – Tips for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to try riding a dirt bike? Dirt biking is a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Not to mention, it’s a really good workout – you’ll certainly feel a little achy in the days after. But how do you get started? What if you’re afraid of looking silly when you first ride? Don’t worry, we have some advice.

Learn the Clutch

If you’re accustomed to driving a car, then you’ll know that the clutch is designed for changing gears. Other than that, you need to be careful with its use. On a dirt bike, the clutch is also used for starting and stopping. To start the bike, you need to first engage the clutch and then turn on the ignition. However, you won’t cause too much damage by riding the clutch or by changing down on a dirt bike (you will need the clutch when changing up, though!).

Invest in Good Safety Equipment

If you’re looking to cut corners, safety equipment is not the place to do it. A high-quality helmet will set you back a little, but it’s worth every penny. Knee and elbow pads are also a good idea, as well as gloves and boots that are designed for motorcycle riding. You might also want to invest in some body armour, which can help to protect you from bumps and bruises if you happen to fall off your bike.


Especially as a beginner, it’s important to make sure that you’re well protected in case of an accident. Once you’ve got all the necessary safety gear, you can start to think about the fun stuff. There are plenty of different dirt bikes to choose from, and you can also buy exciting UN4SEEN stickers, decals, and more.

Forget Everything You Know About Riding a Bike (Sorry!)

Unfortunately, everything you know about riding a regular bike is probably wrong when it comes to dirt bikes. That’s because dirt bikes are designed for off-road use, which means that they handle differently than your standard bicycle.

One of the most important things to remember is that you need to sit quite far forward – otherwise, you’re in danger of an accidental wheelie. While it might look impressive for a second, it will soon hurt if you don’t know how to control one. Also, experts often recommend squeezing with the knees to control the bike, rather than using the handlebars. If you don’t, you will cause lots of strain on your arms.

Practice on a Flat Dirt Road

Before you worry about hills and jumps, it’s important to get used to the basic feel of riding a dirt bike. Look for a flat, smooth stretch of dirt road where you won’t have to worry about cars or other obstacles. Once you feel comfortable riding at a slow speed, you can start to pick up the pace. Remember to take it easy at first – you don’t want to overdo it and end up injured.

Opt for 250cc Rather than 450cc

Did you know that even lots of experienced dirt bike riders opt for a 250cc bike rather than a 450cc? The smaller engine size is easier to control, especially for beginners. You’ll be able to manage the power better and won’t find yourself going too fast or out of control, something that probably will happen with a larger bike.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Dirty

Lastly, don’t be afraid to get dirty – this is something that you’re going to have to get used to if you’re going to be riding a dirt bike. It’s all part of the fun. Just make sure that you’re prepared with the right gear to keep yourself protected and comfortable.

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