Should you master PMP or ITIL for project management certification?

Project management is a diverse field. Almost all the industries involve some practices of project management. Depending on the industry and their specific projects, different professionals are required to fulfill the work efficiently, and among them, a project manager becomes a necessity. The project managers have all skills required to handle the complete project and sustainably use all the resources involved in the project. They are the link that holds all the activities are going on within the project efficiently and productively. The effective utilization of the resources and timely completion of the project is the core work of the project management professionals. The project management certifications work as proof of the knowledge gained by the project managers or the beginners who want to get into this field.

PMP (Project Management Professional) certification

The Project Management Institute or PMI gives the PMP certification credential. This helps the candidates to meet the required education and work experience that they need to become project managers. The candidates also need to fulfill certain requirements in professional terms in order to be eligible for the application of the certification. After giving out the application, the candidates have to appear for the certification examination to become certified professionals in the field of project management. The individual who takes up this certification gets familiar with the necessary concepts and challenges of the field of project management.

Project management skills are used widely in many industries. So, the organizations expect certified professionals to have knowledge about the different scenarios and know various outcomes to sustain in different industries. The certified candidates expect good pay and great prestige, which they get after gaining the certification. They get better responsibilities in their job position and more job options. They also gain professional experience in the field of project management. There are certain prerequisites mentioned for the candidates who want to take up the PMP certification exam. The candidates have to agree to those requirements to get close to the certification exam.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certification

The ITIL credential is an eminent framework in the IT field. The ITIL Certification framework defines the service lifecycle that shows the specific activities in IT. IT services mean all the IT actives taken up by the companies to provide solutions to a customer problem. The organization works efficiently in line with the ITIL framework to ensure that the customers and the stakeholders get better outcomes. The companies use the ITIL framework to make sure of the fact that the deliveries are made in a timely manner and are in a consistent way. The processes and practices present in a well-defined manner result in predictable situations and reduce many service-related problems. The ITIL framework provides a lot of benefits, including increased satisfaction of the customers, increase in learn productivity as well as a reduction in the cost which is incurred due to the deployment and development of various services.

There are different levels of the certification, starting from the entry-level to the expert level. The candidates can get the help of the ITIL certifications in whichever stage of service they are in. those who want to know basics about the ITIL framework can resort to the base level certifications, and the ones who have knowledge about it can seek a more improved version of the knowledge by going for the advance levels.

Which certification to master for project management?

Both the certifications have their own benefits and effective in the field of project management. The benefits that these certifications offer is pretty significant and helps greatly in the career pathway of an individual. It depends on the candidates that which certification he/she wishes to master for the project management scenario. Choosing the certification completely depends on the educational background of the candidates and their interest area while keeping in view project management.


PMP and ITIL are both well known and reputed certifications. Their credibility is highly impressive all around the world and in almost all industries. Gaining the certifications gives numerous growth opportunities to the candidates for their future perspective. The candidates can validate their skills and garner new skills in order to get into the work area of their liking. To grow in a certain field, having diverse and complete knowledge about that field is very important. This is the reason why companies look for certified candidates as the certification comes as proof of their understanding of the particular field.

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