Top 5 Countries to Study Geography

Geography is one unique subject, and more popular among kids these days. There are several students who have Geography as their favorite subject, and many of them, pursue it in their 11th standards, bachelor’s level, master’s level, and secure a job in this line as well.

Though the subject of Geography is more interesting in its initial standards, it gets a bit tougher with increasing standards. But people who love this subject from the very first time, generally don’t turn their back on it. Hence, it is seen that thousands of students who had this subject at their school level, also pursued it in their college and universities respectively. There are also many candidates who take their degree from websites, that sell courses online(learn how to create an online course here).

Now coming to the country section, it is a sure fact that there are some foreign countries that deliver top-quality geography education, and will help you to shine in this field from a global perspective. For this, today, we’ll go through the top 5 countries to pursue Geography.


One of the best places to pursue a degree in Geography in Australia. International students if do not take their degree from any website that sell online courses(learn how to sell online courses here), then most of them prefer going to Australia. The country has always been famous for administering top-quality education, and excellent infrastructures, as well as facilities, are available in the colleges of Australia. 

And the additional features which edge Australia from the rest of the countries is its diverse landscape, fertile plains, deserts, mountain ranges, subtropical as well as tropical rainforests, etc., offering a stimulating environment, for the learning of the subject. Some of the top colleges for learning Geography in Australia are James Cook University, Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, etc.


Another great country that administers to-quality geography education is Belgium. International students are greatly influenced by the beauty of the country and also count upon its modern learning techniques, prominent international influence, as well as significant contributions to research. In addition to that, Belgium has a long history of various geographical societies as well as geographers who actively participated in various projects for the development of the country. 

Besides, Geography is currently the most-demanding subject in the country making it more popular among students and bettering the quality of education. Some of the top colleges for learning Geography in Belgium are the Catholic University of Leuven, the University of Liege, the Free University of Brussels, the Catholic University of Louvain, etc.

New Zealand

Just beside Australia, New Zealand is also among the best countries to offer world-class education in Geography. The country’s Geography programs are considered to be the highest-ranking in the world. Besides classroom learning, students also get to endeavor via research, analytical as well as communication skills, by which they explore various societal, environmental, and even developmental changes and provide sustainable and practical solutions for addressing them.

The education system in New Zealand is certainly excellent, and high quality of life is a common feature in the country. Some of the top geography-bearing colleges in New Zealand are the University of Canterbury, University of Auckland, University of Otago, Victoria University Wellington, Massey University, etc.


Another beautiful, as well as place providing top-quality education in Geography, is Brazil. It comes among the top destinations to study Geography, with its education system rapidly developing. Geography courses in Brazil will offer you an in-depth understanding of various geographical processes. 

Candidates also get to use various techniques for identifying factors that can affect these phenomena as well as their impact on the environment. Some of the top colleges for learning Geography in Brazil are – the University of Sao Paulo, the University of Brasilia, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the State University of Campinas, etc.


Japan also comes among the best countries which offer world-class geography education. There are thousands of aspiring geography students who dream to take their degrees in this country. Studying geography in this country will make you eligible of using the most advanced equipment as well as facilities in a laboratory, fieldwork as well as in conducting research. 

Besides, education, the things which make Japan popular among students are the affordable tuition fees and cutting-edge technology. Some of the top colleges having Geography in Japan are the University of Tokyo, Kyushu University, the University of Tsukuba, Hokkaido University, Kyoto University, etc.

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