Top Mistakes to Avoid while Writing Poetry

If you are into poetry, there might be a chance that you would be into writing poems as well. If this sounds familiar to you, then you might want to become a poet someday. Now, while it is never too early or late to start writing, there are some potential mistakes that even experienced poets make.

And we are here to tell you those mistakes that can occur while writing a poem. Here are some things that you don’t need to do while writing poetry.

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Believing that Poems Have to Rhyme

The number one mistake that many aspiring poets make is believing that their poems have to rhyme. The act of learning to write forms of poetry that include rhyme can be extremely valuable for a lot of poets – especially when they are starting off.

However, believing that all poetry needs to rhyme – especially if you are writing in English–is excessive.

You need to understand that English is not a language where loads of words rhyme with each other – and although some poets have done an extremely amazing job of rhyming their poetry – you don’t have to if you are not good at it.

Thinking that poetry has to rhyme – tends to hold a lot of potential poets back – but makes them write very cloying poems when it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.

Not Reading other Poets

Another potential mistake that many poets make is that they don’t read other poets and poems and don’t read them as widely as they should.

Reading only contemporary poets who write the same as you are one thing. And it is another thing to write only like old poets who are extremely famous but passed away long ago. For instance, you are doing yourself no good if you are only reading Keats or if you are only reading Chaucer.

When it comes to contemporary poets, you might only be reading Rupi Kaur. If you do that, you are not getting a sense of the wide spectrum of the genre, and you are also not getting a holistic sense of all the things that poetry is and all the things that poetry can do.

So, by keeping yourself limited to some poets only and not reading an extensive version of old and contemporary poets.

To overcome mental and poetic blocks and get into the essence of all the things that poetry is, you will want to read a lot, and you will want to read widely Newmags.

While you will want to read the old poets as they were definitely doing something right since they are famous today, you will also want to read the new poets and read poems by men, women, and even kids. You will want to read about people who have similar experiences and people who have completely different experiences to you.

You should also aim at reading the different forms of poetry by reading people who write in free verse and people who write in rhymes.

The more you read, the more you will hone your skills and improve your poetic craft.

Using Lofty Language

Many aspiring poets often make the mistake of using outdated language to make their work sound poetic. Simply put, you should avoid writing poetry where one needs to open the dictionary for every third word.

Here is what happens when you use heavily lofty language – the flow is lost because half the time, the word is something that doesn’t actually fit in those lines.

As a general rule – when writing, you should always use words that you are comfortable with their meaning and fully comprehend their meaning and would generally use in a sentence.

Simply put, when writing poetry, you should always use words that you know, and while you can keep learning new words as you go along in life, and for obvious reasons, you should never hold back your own vocabulary when you are writing f95web.

But avoid searching for lofty and outdated words to fit them into your poetry. By doing so, you will come off as an amateur writer. But, if you are going for a satirical impact in your poetry, then using outdated and lofty words is something that you can do – but never overdo.

Amateur Use of Spoken Words

This aspect is something that has a lot to do with the shock value with no substance or content to follow. Sometimes, aspiring poets try to shock people – but what truly happens is that people get tired of such content very quickly wolowtube.

While there are loads of poems that are quite impactful and talk about very shocking and uncomfortable themes and subjects; the thing is that only those poems “survive” and make an impact that is written by someone who is doing it genuinely – only then can the poem come across very powerfully.

Aspiring writers might be tempted to copy those poets with this kind of impact to get a similar impact – but we see loads of shock value poems that don’t necessarily fall flat but can come across as bogus.

As a newbie poem, you will want to avoid coming off as someone who is a copycat and not genuine at all. While you should write what you want to write – but especially if you are doing spoken-word poetry, and your sole intention is to get the crowd riled up – don’t go for it europixhdpro.

Final Thoughts

Poetry is like any other kind of writing – it needs editing and revision. There are times when a poem can come out of you, and it is as close to the vision you had, and it might feel like it barely needs tweaking. If this happens, then it is very rare.

But, more often than not, you will have to revise your poem and think you don’t need to revise it and that it is as good as it is raw and fresh, this kind of thinking will only be holding you back.

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