Top Reasons Why a Press Release Is Essential

The key goal of a marketing campaign is to increase exposure of your brand. Some people tend to think that press releases are outdated and we need to focus on social media networks. In this article, we are going to see why press releases are essential for your marketing campaign and how to write a perfect one to catch your audiences’ attention.

Press Release: The Term Definition

Let’s admit that a press release is one of the most important marketing tools for small/big businesses. Do you know the exact definition of the “press release” term?  Press releases help with media connections, as it is a formal announcement about your brand and new services/products/event. A press release aims to promote your brand and boost your SEO. It is an official way a company informs journalists about upcoming news of your company. It is a tool to increase brand’s awareness.

When Press Releases Are Uses?

We use a press release for promoting brands and sharing new information with clients and partners. Below, you will find a list of essential things you’d better share in a press release with your clients:

  • Breaking announcements;
  • Interesting events to engage the audience;
  • Request to team up with partners;
  • Research results that you feel to make public;
  • Your company’s awards that make you feel proud;
  • New job openings;
  • Dealing with criticism.

The Main Reasons To Write a Press Release

Would you like your brand to be credible? You will not find a better credibility than a press release. Most clients consider a press release a trusted source of news/information. Writing professional press releases is useful for little companies and start-ups when they just work on getting a positive reputation on the market.

Engaging local media

You can share your press release through journalists and social media platforms. It is an excellent opportunity for your brand to start interacting with diverse consumers. Make sure you know your niche market and the interests of your future customers.

Increasing search engine traffic

When you publish a press release via news websites or popular blogs, it is beneficial for your brand, as well as SEO. It utilizes the SEO best practices and allows search engines to find your press release and rank it as high as possible. It is a way to enhance exposure to your current/future clients. Use a press release as a tool to build media relationships and build search engine traffic.

Boosting PR activities

A press release gives your company a chance to connect with the best journalists and other media outlets. You need to write content which will be picked by the publicity and shared on the radio/television/newspapers/blogs. In order to compose a press release, you need to create a worthy story, which includes the answers to the following questions “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, and “why”.

Write a Perfect Press Release

Now you are aware of the importance of press releases for your brand. We are going to briefly see how to compose a press release that will be noticed by the local media and social media influencers! You just need to memorize the following critical rules:

A press release must include headlines that consist not more than 10 words. Do your best to grab the attention of the media. Learn how to write creating content.

  • A headline should be short and eye-catching. Use not more than 10 words.
  • Make sure that your text is unique.
  • It is not recommended to use too many hyperlinks.
  • Always finish your press release story with the direct call to action and engagement with your company.
  • Do not forget to include your contact information, so journalists will be able to reach you easily.

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