Treats That Will Make Your Dog Smile This Year

Dogs love getting treats, and we love spoiling our furry friends – it’s a win-win. If you’re looking for some new treats to give your dog this year, look no further. Today, you will see some of the best treats that will make your dog smile.

Rubber Squeaky Toy

It’s a classic, but a rubber squeaky toy will never go out of style – especially for dogs. They love the sound it makes and will chase after it endlessly. If you’re looking for a toy that will keep your dog entertained, this is it.

Bacon Treats

What dog (and human, for that matter!) doesn’t love bacon? These bacon treats are a delicious way to spoil your dog. They’re also high in protein, so they’re perfect for an after-walk snack. These days, you’ll find bacon treats in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another classic treat that dogs go crazy for. It’s perfect for hiding pills, and most dogs will do just about anything for a taste of this delicious treat. Just be sure to choose a peanut butter that doesn’t contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs. Rather than simply giving your dog peanut butter, get creative and make some homemade peanut butter dog treats. There are lots of recipes out there, so you’re sure to find one that your pup will love.

Paddling Pool

Especially if you live in a warmer climate, a paddling pool is a great way to keep your dog cool and entertained. They can splash around to their heart’s content, and you can even add a few toys to the mix to make it even more fun. Just be sure to empty and clean the pool after each use, as dirty water can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Dog Supplements

There are a variety of supplements on the market that can be beneficial for dogs. From joint supplements to fish oil, there’s likely something that will benefit your fluffy friend. In fact, they benefit twice because they enjoy the initial treat and then reap the rewards in the long term whether through better joint health or another advantage. Why not look through the range of ZamiPet treats to get started?

Dog Bed

A good dog bed is worth its weight in gold, especially for senior dogs or those with joint issues. A comfortable place to rest can make all the difference to a dog’s quality of life. When choosing a bed, consider your dog’s size, sleeping habits, and any health issues. The internet has a wide range of beds to suit all kinds of dogs, so take a look and find the perfect one for your furry friend.


Nothing will make your dog smile as much as spending time with you. Dogs are social creatures and love nothing more than being with their pack. So, set aside some quality time each day to play with your pup, go for a walk, or just cuddle on the sofa. Your dog will be sure to appreciate it and will return the favour with lots of tail wags and sloppy kisses.

Frozen Dogsicle Treats

Every dog loves a tasty treat, and there are plenty of delicious recipes online for homemade dog treats. However, if you want to keep things simple, you can’t go wrong with a frozen dogsicle. Simply pour some water or chicken broth into a cupcake tray, add a few treats, and freeze. Your dog will love licking the frozen treat on a hot summer day.

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