Trendy Medium Length Hairstyles You Need To Know About

Having medium length hairstyles could be overwhelming if you do not know how to maintain and style them perfectly. This is because medium-length hair is neither long nor short, making it difficult to choose styles for it. The most important thing to look at when styling hair that is of medium length is the hair texture and face shape. When these two factors are considered, styling medium-length hair is very simple.

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Most times, all that is required when styling medium-length hair is to enhance the hair texture and add some volume to it. The following are some of the trendy medium length hairstyles you can effortlessly rock;

1. Sleek Shag

Are you a minimalist and looking for something sleek but attractive at the same time? Well, look no further. This is a hairstyle that is created by having several layers on your hair. The hair edges can be curved inwards, outwards, or any other way that suits your personal preferences. You can tuck the bangs at the front of the head behind the ears for an elegant appearance.

2. Tapered Curls

This style best suits those with naturally curly hair. Style the curls such that they have a larger volume above the chin and smaller volume towards the shoulders. The shape created with the curls helps conceal certain facial features that reduce your confidence.

You can use hair products to enhance the hair texture and give the hair a shiny finish. The products can also help to highlight the curls even more.

3. Straight Layers

Just like the name suggests, this medium hairstyle is made by making layers out of straightened hair. The illusion that is created by the straight layers makes the hairstyle very fashionable. In order to achieve stick straight hair, use a flat iron to straighten the hair, bit by bit for neat layers.

4. Parted Eaves

These medium length hairstyles are perfect for those with naturally wavy hair. Part the hair at the middle of the head such that bangs form on each side of the head. Ensure that the waves are not too many as the style should look as natural as possible. You can use a curling wand to make waves if your hair is not naturally wavy.

5. Flipped-Out Ends

This is the best way to add volume to your straight medium-length hair if you are looking for something sassy but at the same time easy to maintain and official. Part some hair and flip it towards any side of the head. Ensure that the rest of the hair is straight before blowing the edges outwards. Use hairspray to help hold the blown edges outwards and help them stand.

6. Layered Waves

This medium length hairstyle is achieved by adding layers to your wavy hair. The hairstyle best suits those with naturally wavy hair and is also perfect for women with oval face shapes. All that is needed is to have a small volume and the top and create a large volume with the waves on the shoulders.

Blow the hair such that it is almost straight at the top. Use a curling iron to create as many waves as you want for the bottom. Brush the waves in such a way that they move away from the face.

7. Blunt Bangs

These medium length hairstyles best suit women with round facial shapes. Combine the curtain bangs with a well-parted fringe on the forehead. You can use a curling iron to make curls on the edges for a fashionable appearance.

8. Loose Waves

Having a sleek, medium-length hairstyle does not necessarily mean that your hair should be neat and straight. Make waves and leave them loose or a little bit shaggy for an informal occasion. The loose waves do not only increase the volume of the hair, they also help to shape up the face.

9. Side Swept Bangs

Having bangs does not necessarily mean that they should hang on the sides. Part the bangs and brush them towards one side of the head. This is also a way to help increase the volume of your hair and be creative with your medium length hair.

Try any of these medium length hairstyles and transform your looks.

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