What Should You Search For In A Good Blue Leather Jacket For Men?

Once you have decided upon the style of coat that you want to wear, you are ready to proceed to the next step. You are aware of what to pair it with and the types of events that call for it to be worn. However, the elusive question still looms. How do you ensure whether or not you are purchasing a blue leather jacket mens that is of high quality? Well, in this article, we will discuss a few points that will help you in this regard.

The Type of Leather

The kind of leather that your blue leather jacket mens is made of is the most important factor in determining its overall quality. In this regard, you need to consider the following points:

Full Grain

Full grain is a type of leather that is produced using the entire animal skin, including the outermost layer. It is tough and long-lasting, but it often has specks from the animal’s lifetime. It is more expensive. Jackets made of full grain leather are highly desirable since the leather itself contains natural pores, which makes the fabric highly breathable. In addition to that, this finishing keeps the leather’s natural oils, which contributes to its suppleness.

Top Grain

Because top grain leather jackets provide superior comfort, they are frequently considered the superior option. It also utilizes the whole animal skin, but in most cases, the skin is removed to make a more even surface for the leather. The term “correction” refers to the procedure of making the leather more even and smooth. The leather which is sanded in order to remove imperfections is called corrected leather. This process also removes the original grain, which results in a faux animal skin grain when the leather is pressed using a technique known as mechanical pressing.

Corrected Leathers

After the leather has been corrected, it is given a treatment that includes oils and dye in order to make it look appealing. As a consequence, the leather’s grain will be even and consistent.

Genuine Leather

This term is used in the leather industry to refer to leather that is made from the inner layer of animal skin. Even though it is thinner, it is less expensive and less durable. It is still manufactured from the entire animal hide.

Bonded Leather

It is a material of lower quality and costs less than genuine leather, and is made up of scraps of leather that have been pressed down and then synthetically fused together.

In most cases, you will be best served by purchasing a blue leather jacket mens of full grain or top grain leather.

Top/Edge Stitching

In spite of the fact that not every leather jacket will have top or edge stitching, you can expect to find it in jackets of top quality. Even though this stitching is primarily used for decorative purposes, it shows a stamp of the integrity of manufacturing, which is something that jackets of lower quality may not warrant. In the case of higher quality, the topstitching will be done with heavy-duty threads. In the case of cheaper quality, the topstitching will either be done with thinner threads or not at all.

Cut and Fit

As was mentioned earlier, cut and fit is of the utmost importance when it comes to any article of clothing that would be found in the closet of an astute gentleman. Because cheaper jackets are intended for widespread consumption, their sizing will be optimized to accommodate the greatest number of customers. It results in a cut that is looser than usual and an aesthetic that is generally unflattering.

Body Lining and Sleeves

A component that is frequently neglected, higher-quality leather jackets will use distinct kinds of lining when it comes to the body and the sleeves. As for the sleeves, a more pliable lining makes it simpler to put on and take off the jacket. In many cases, less expensive jackets have a simple lining made of synthetic material, which is susceptible to tearing easily.

The Quality of Zipper

Who would have imagined that?! Premium leather jackets typically have zippers that are of greater quality, heavier-duty, and more robust construction so that they can endure constant pulling. The price of these high-end zippers is typically 10 to 15 times higher than the price of standard zippers.


The attention to detail that is put into any article of clothing is conventionally considered to be a sign of better quality. Blue leather jacket mens with a higher price tag typically feature a higher level of detail, with particular attention paid to regions like seams, zipper, pocket, and cuts.

And that brings us to the end of this particular case of buying blue leather jacket mens. We really appreciate you taking the time to read this, as it was a lot of fun for us to write. Please, share your feedback in the comment section.


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