What to Look for When Viewing a Senior Living Community

The average life expectancy for both males and females in the United States was 78.79 years in 2019 and is the most recent figure available. If you are considering moving to a senior living community, this will give you an idea of how many of your golden years will be spent there. A person who is 65 now is likely to spend 13 years in this new home. Make sure it is the right one by asking these questions.

Can I Speak to a Few Residents That Have Been Here for Five Years or Longer?

A warning flag should go up if the facility won’t let you talk to residents. The obvious conclusion is that they have something to hide. If they do permit and facilitate this, they will choose individuals who are happily settled and never complain so you may not get the full picture.

Ask the residents how their complaints are dealt with. Ideally, there should be a written procedure in place. Find out how events and changes are communicated. What you are looking for is evidence of two-way communication. Also, inquire about patients in frail care who require toilet assistance. What type of food are they fed? How often are baths given? Your final question should be, ‘When you need frail care for yourself, will you feel good about moving to assisted living in this community?’.

Can I See the Available Room Options? What Are the Costs of Each One and What Does It Cover? What Costs Are Additional?

Find out how private the apartments are. For example, will the cleaner let herself in while you might be in the shower or sleeping? Are there any items that you are banned from bringing onto the premises? How many incidents have they had of theft from residents’ rooms? Check if Wi-Fi is provided and how many residents it caters to.

When you are looking into senior living Southbury CT, take a good look at each apartment or room type and picture where your furniture will go. Will it fit in? Are there sufficient electrical outlets for your appliances, chargers, etc.? Are there built-in cupboards that lock and is the storage space sufficient for your needs?

Is Transportation Provided?

Is transportation on a schedule and how frequent is it? What if I am the only person who wants to go to a specific place? What happens if I have a doctor’s appointment? Are there additional charges for this service?

What Security Measures Are in Place?

Will my apartment have a panic button and pull cords? What qualifications and experience do security personnel have? Is there a curfew for residents? Up until what time can family members visit? What types of security incidents have they experienced and how were they handled?

What Qualifications and Experience Do Staff Have?

What are the minimum requirements staff must satisfy at each level? Which of these groups will be responsible for your care? Are there ongoing training initiatives? What is done to prevent resident abuse? A facility that is transparent and honest will be happy to answer these and any other questions you have.

Choose your senior living community with care to ensure that you will be safe and happy there.

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