Why Sports Betting is So Popular—Get in On the Craze!

To many people, football is more than a sport—it’s a way of life. We get excited whenever our favorite team makes it to the World Cup, whether they’re home-based heroes or overseas in Argentina. And, of course, some people bet on their favorite teams, usually with their friends. If you prefer the comfort of your home to the noise of a bar, you can bet on sports from Malta at Lottoland.

But why is betting on sports so popular in the first place? Well, stick around as we answer that burning question in this article!

First off: It’s Older Than Dirt.

Sports betting is an ancient art. How ancient? According to this report done by International Gambling Studies, sports betting predates Jesus Christ. We have records of bets on the Olympics in ancient Greece. The Romans continued this practice and bet on gladiator fights. The thrill of betting on contests of strength is truly timeless!

Sports Betting Encourages Camaraderie

Football in Europe is no joke. Malta’s history with football goes back to 1909! As detailed in this interview on, Malta has qualified for multiple World Cups, even though they’ve yet to win one. “Never say never,” Malta!

But what if your team doesn’t make it? You probably still have a bias. Without national pride on the line, you’re free to bet as you choose. It can be a great bonding exercise with your friends. Win or lose, you’ll do it together! Just don’t get too rowdy; we don’t want anybody to get hurt.

There is Skill to Sports Betting.

In many types of gambling, the odds are inevitably stacked against you. Slots don’t give you a chance to alter your odds. Poker always uses the same deck. The chance of a given dice roll is the same as long as the dice have 6 sides. Most gambling is pure luck.

But that’s not true of sports. If you know where to look, you can find statistics related to football. You can watch the conditions of players throughout a sports season. Did your favorite team swap a player? Look into that; it might affect how they play later. You can, in theory, master the underdog bet if you know where and how to look.

All gambling is luck, but some games are more luck-based than others. Or you could just bet on your favorites, especially if they’re doing well. We won’t hold it against you.

Even If You Can’t Play Sports, You Can Bet on Them.

Let’s face it: not all of us look as good as Rowan Muscat. We also probably can’t run, or kick like him. So, why should we get invested in him? Along with national pride, we can admire him from afar. And since we can’t play like him (or any athlete), it’s rewarding to watch him do well.

We all have favorite celebrities, whether they’re on the football field or the big screen. Betting helps keep us invested in our favorites—even better if those investments pay off! It’s almost part of the spectacle.

There’s a Huge Variety!

If you’re in Europe, football is probably your sport. But just in case it isn’t, there are other sports you can bet on! Volleyball, basketball, and tennis are also on the books. If you’re more into British sports, cricket and rugby are available, too. It is also possible to bet on American football teams, but when we have real football, why bother?

You Can Also Bet on Sports from the Future

If you’ve spent more of your time on a computer as opposed to a football field, you’re in luck. PC games such as League of Legends, StarCraft, and DotA are being treated, slowly but surely, like regular sports. You still bet on teams like you would for any other sport. They even have sponsorships!

But there are a few perks to playing behind an avatar that cannot be replicated in physical sports. Players get to be who they really are; even if they’re skinny in real life, they can play a literal bear, and nobody will think any less of them. To some people that’s liberating, and perhaps more interesting than watching men in uniforms.


Betting on sports events dates as far back as sports themselves, but we’ve entered a new age. The internet has made betting on your favorite teams easier than ever before. You can even bet on sports with wizards and cyborgs! If you’ve ever wanted to win big with one of your favorites, the jackpot might be right at your fingertips.

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